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Monday, February 4, 2013

Lunches in the sun

Leslie, Amanda and I got pretty lucky in Puerto Varas. We've found such a fun, open-minded, smart group of friends here, and most importantly, these friends know how to cook.

We've been prone to spontaneous lunches and dinners here; a gathering of friends that leads to food talk that eventually leads to a trip to the supermarket and ends with a seamlessly choreographed group meal. Our friends Robert and Ignacio really get creative with the meals, to the point where if they don't go into business together sometime down the road it will be a severe tragedy for the mouths and stomachs of the world.

Here are some photos from just a couple of our group lunches/dinners. Warning: Viewing the following photos will inspire an insatiable hunger for homemade meals using whole foods and fresh ingredients.

Roasted red pepper, homemade falafel with french fries
(that's how they do it in Egypt, at least), homemade wheat tortillas,
freshly baked bread, some sauces that were also obviously homemade
since that's the entire theme of the post,
and lettuce (purchased, not harvested).

Here I am peeking out from behind the french fries.
(Also something that is typical to Egypt.)

The group lunch at last. Delicious!
And a good chance to tan while enjoying really, really
really, really good food made with love by people I love. 

I botched the presentation on this picture, making the food
look like an actual pile of STUFF, but the deliciousness presented
here was fish tacos (Conger eel with avocado and a fun
peach/apricot/corn salsa that Robert invented, on handmade tortillas).
Also pictured here is FRESH non-alcoholic SANGRIA prepared by Leslie. 
(Can Sangria be non-alcoholic? Would that just be juice then?
Let's just say it's fresh juice.)

And the obligatory photo of Amanda and I doing
what we do best: being freaking awesome at the bar. 

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