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Monday, March 11, 2013

Guess what? Couldn't hold it in.

Like I said, I'm bad at holding it in. Farts, laughter, secrets about what I'm getting my friends for Christmas/birthdays, and more. I've been hanging with the moai here on Easter Island since Friday and, well, my harddrive space is filling up at an unprecedented rate.

Before I bore you all with this megalithic monotony (just kidding: far from monotonous. Sorry, moai. That was just a joke. Please don't haunt me in the night), I would like to pose a riddle.

How many dark silhouette photos of moai-against-sunlight can you have before it's too many?

Do you know the answer?

....Yeah?......Do ya?

Time's up!

The correct answer is: It was a trick question, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY! My iPhone and laptop harddrive serve as testament to this little-known but deeply true FACT. I present to you all now a sneak peek of Easter Island. Much more words and pictures to come, this I promise you.


P.S. I think I may have to move to an island soon. Not necessarily Easter Island, because it's relative remoteness makes me uneasy on the inside (seriously, once plane fuel prices go up, they are so screwed). But this sun? These palms? This ocean and sand and view of various cliffs and volcanic remnants? Yeah, I'm ready for that kind of stuff in my life. Plus the humidity isn't bad. I never thought I'd miss humidity, but DAMN YOU OHIO SUMMERS you've crept into the fabric of my being.

Found this on accident my first day here during my walk to town.
This is the ceremonial site of Tahai. 
Literally can see it from my cabana. 

Found this guy today on my way back from a 
dirtbike expedition around the island. I don't know what
site it is yet, but he was very stern and didn't talk much. 
He's probably upset because he's got some ancient paint on his face.

This is me and the moai at the beach Anakena.
I spent my birthday on this beach this past Saturday.
People say I'm traveling alone, but I beg to differ.
These guys behind me were great company.

1 comment:

  1. I got the correct answer, say Hi to the Moai for me. -Pops