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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Valpo Photo Update!

Jill and I do things apart from writing, working, and making obscene noises...believe it or not.

Here's some evidence for the non-believers!

Jill, just before a group meal at the ol' Casa.
She is smirking because she is about to eat
vegetarian red bean stew and homemade German bread. 

ShanFace on a beach in Vina del Mar.
Satisfied due to outwitting the weather that, by all
signs that morning, should have sucked 110% more than it did.

Our first editing meeting in Valpo was mildly successful.
We were slightly distracted by the view and the ugly faces.

A stylistic pause for a picture during Wanderings
in Cerro Alegre. 

A whole crapload of pet food remnants.
Made epic by the graffiti of the Chile country code. 

"This isn't degrading, right? I'm just standing how it feels natural."

Views from the cemetery. 

Lock that crap up.

Jill and I during her first visit to Taco Tony's.
Neither of us remember this photo.
(Just kidding - we half remember it.)

More wandering and street art in Cerro Alegre

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