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Monday, May 26, 2014

My Monday in Cordoba

Jorge and I are visiting Cordoba, Argentina for a few days! Here's a little run-through of part of our Regular Sunny Fall Monday in Cordoba:

I saw this weird guy lurking in the plaza San Martin.

I thought I'd go to the Cathedral to try to lose him; turned out 
he followed me inside and all throughout the gilded halls.

The weird guy even posed in pictures with me in front of the 
central fountain in the plaza.

We decided we'd go to the Jesuit Crypt and wander the humid passageways.
There was an information tour guide there who told us about all the 
hypothetical uses of the crypt, since no one actually knows.
Here the man, who told me is named "Jorge", darts away.

I tend to look forward to crypt visits for a chance to look at mummies,
bones, human remains, or anything else macabre or long-dead.
In this crypt, there was none of that. Only humid stone and arched brick areas.

So after the Crypt we opted for a quick saxophone lesson. 
Here Jorge learns about finger placements and not to
over-clench the jaw.

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