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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Jury Is Out...

I love Cusco.

It is such a joy to be here. Both Jorge and I agree, this place is inspiring in a way that Lima didn't accomplish, not even in the cool boho neighborhood. Maybe it's the colonial-fortress feel of the historic center; maybe it's the adrenaline from the tourism industry; maybe it's the ancient whispers that waft through the Sacred Valley.

At any rate, it feels really, really good to be here. We love it. And the next 5 or so months will be spent very happily here in Cusco.

One of my favorite parts about where we live -- the San Blas neighborhood -- is that everything is literally a sneeze away. As I mentioned before, within a three block radius I can find a vegan restaurant, my laundromat, an Ashtanga-Anusara blend studio, a Catholic diocese (actually that's our neighbor, haaay!), and the local market.

I've had a great time breaking up my work day (which consists of lots of sitting and computer time) with short trips to the market or nearby locales. If I'm feeling really inspired, I can walk the four block or so to Starbucks. I might save that for days when I feel like I'm missing the USA. Any Starbucks on the face of the planet is the same, I'm convinced, and damn, what a trip to middle America! Sometimes, it's grating. Other times, it's an odd refresher that I need. I just try not to get swept away with the consumer urges to purchase every stylistic coffee cup available.

We went to the central market on Sunday, a pretty lovely tradition for parts such as these, and I found a woman sitting with her wares on display. It looked like she was selling every manner of witchcraft and potion supplies. What do you guys think? Perfect stuff to throw into my cauldron sometime! Or, you know, make a great tea.

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