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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A New Chapter Begins: Lima, Peru

We haven't been here long, but man, have we gotten the ball rolling fast!

Here's how our time in Lima has been spent so far:

Day One: Arrive to Lima at 5:30am after multiple delays stateside; notice that luggage doesn't arrive; begin house hunting project; visit 5 possible rentals.

Day Two: Drink ample Starbucks; get one of two missing backpacks; confirm tiny apartment rental with landlords; visit their house and review terms and conditions; drink a juice made of purple corn; like it.

Day Three: Receive last piece of lost luggage; move into tiny apartment; sign contract; pay rent; begin arranging things on shelves and figuring out how to cover up the obscene white of the walls.

From Day Four and onward, it's been a pretty rhythmic domestic process: figuring out how to make coffee without a coffee maker (more on this later), filling drawers, buying necessities (like the broom we bought and then promptly left at the store), etc. Jorge has set up appointments with several top salons to prove his prowess, I.E. get hired, and we've also papered the neighborhood with announcements about his services. 


One of the notable thing about Lima so far is that, while in full winter, the temperature rarely drops below 66 F. Their winter is very gray, however -- but for an average temperature of 70 degrees and never having to wear four layers, I'll TAKE IT.

Lima at night -- the lefthand side of this picture is OCEAN. 

Our apartment is actually a mini-apartment, which means that's its smaller than a studio apartment in NYC and there's no oven. We're paying roughly 30% more than we did in Valparaiso, for about one-fifth of the space. *sigh* Big city living.

However, we're in the coolest neighborhood (Barranco), in an extremely safe zone, one block from the ocean, and there is a Starbucks nearby and all sorts of trendy boutiques and gorgeous houses so like, I guess I'll live.

Barranco...our neighborhood in Lima! I.E. could be a 
stand-alone city on its own. 

Here's to a new, fun, and totally different chapter in Lima, Peru! 

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