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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bad News Bears: Chile Edition

I would like to relate a small tale in narrative form.

Once upon a time, a wide-eyed vagabond moved to a foreign country to begin pursuing writing full-time. She brought along a laptop with her, one that boasted the style inclinations of a Mac with the functionality of a PC. This laptop was handy, dear to heart, and quite durable. At one point it had even been knocked off a table by said vagabond´s dog, and it survived with flying colors, minus a new rattle which the vagabond thought was just a loose screw somewhere inside.

The laptop made the move to the new country and hemisphere with no complaints. The vagabond, about a month into her life in the new land, realized that she might want to purchase a new latptop some time soon. Afterall, the laptop was nigh on three years old and had been dropped off a table once.

The vagabond searched high and low on American internet sites, comparing reviews, GB space, dimensions and aesthetics until she arrived at the perfect new Sony Vaio. She became so excited by this new computer that she wanted to buy it instantly, but felt guilty because her old laptop was still functioning very well (even though it had been dropped off a table once). 

Approximately six hours after her purchase decision and general enthusiasm, the old laptop exacted its revenge. It began shutting off with no warning; despite the vagabond´s pleas, it refused to launch itself normally, instead choosing to wring her through a complex series of false System Restores and half-hearted System Repairs.

The vagabond repented, pleaded for mercy, bargaining with the laptop that if it would just let her get off the most updated version of the freaking novels she'd been toiling on mercilessly, that it could take its operating system and do whatever it wanted. The laptop regarded her in icy silence.

Some friends calmly asked the vagabond why she hadn't backed everything up, to which the vagabond responded, 'I did. But just not very recently.' 

The vagabond has plans to purchase her new Sony Vaio immediately, which will probably enrage her old laptop even more. She will soon attempt to take her flailing computer to a local electronics store, where she will search out someone who can read error messages in English. 

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